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IBEW Local 66 endorses MJ Hegar for U.S. Senate

Our leadership has met with MJ and discussed her position on key issues that can and will have negative effects on our membership and Organized Labor as a whole. She openly supports labor and has expressed her desire to utilize our knowledge and guidance on issues pertaining to the Utility industry and labor as a whole. We are proud to endorse and support our friend MJ Hegar for U.S. Senate and hope our membership and  friend s of labor will do the same by voting for her on March 3, 2020. More information is available by clicking the link to the right of page: 

MJ Hegar for U.S. Senate

-Mother of 2

-Air Force/combat Veteran

-2A supporter

-Proud  supporter of Labor


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FMCP aids in Organizing success for Utility Workers in Texas.

 Local 66 is proud to have been the focus of another article highlighting our ongoing Organizing efforts and success stories. We will continue to grow bigger and stronger together as a Union made up of skilled workers from ALL crafts which contribute to the generation, transmission, distribution and maintenance of the electrical grid. **Although the article mentions the Service Area Assistant’s employed at Centerpoint Energy being added to the bargaining unit, CNP continues to refuse recognition of the SAA’s majority vote in an Armour Globe election for Union Representation over one year ago. A vote which legally provided them not only the right to collectively bargain, but many of the same work conditions and benefits previously negotiated by the 1,400+ union members in the bargaining unit. A unit which currently includes only 2 females employees at Centerpoint Energy.  



      The FMCP proved useful in helping to bring CenterPoint Energy’s service area assistants into the IBEW. Left photo: Two of those assistants pose with Houston Local 66 President Barry Grounds. 

Right photo, from left: Local 66 Business Representative Donny Mayo, Grounds, Business Manager Greg Lucero and Organizer Ben Holmes work a honk-and-wave to drive public attention to the local’s organizing efforts.

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